Found In Translation

by Blacktivity

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Blacktivity's 1st full length & release following the Free Download of their self titled EP. Great Rhythms & Instrumentation with Solid Drums & Conceptual topics. MC, Ill-Tone, will be enhancing your mp3s & CDs with certain facts that you may find beneficial. The average bounce meter for your FOUND IN TRANSLATION program will be in the area of 95 bpm. We hope that you will find our presentation precise, bass-heavy & just right.


released May 27, 2014

All songs produced by Shade Cobain. All songs wrote by Ill-Tone except "Pursuit of Happyness" where the credit is shared with Sara Stokes.



all rights reserved


Blacktivity Port Huron, Michigan

With advances in technology geography is nothing, collaboration is effortless, and worlds can and will collide. Artists can pool their talents without ever being in the same room. Such is the case for Ill-tone and Shade Cobain, or as you will come to know them…Blacktivity. ... more

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Track Name: Black By Popular Demand
Verse 1

I step live on the entrance like it's been a long time missin'
in reality it's just a short distance/
from here to the stage a straight line is the quickest,
give math problems when our worth multiplies the digits/
what are you ignant?
in an instant speech spoke light is shown in it still black is the pigment/
and I'm here to do what the hell I intended
fuck if you like it I write it for the pioneers to dig it/
wrote for future tradition
this will live long after I'm gone in 3030 we gon' be the illest/
word to Bruce Willis
MC's get crushed under feet with a vengeance & Die Hard in each sentence/
the sound is recommended my speed limit isn't
you'll hydroplane on the flow yo out of control collision/
so pump your brakes if you fail to mention the 2 henchmen
that will make you throw a few fits in conniption/-

Verse 2

when the scene seems hopeless
the team redeems focus
with a motive didn't think we'd take notice/
so we return like Hocus Pocus
'shim shim la bim'
behind a puff of cloud that we be smokin'/
y'all rappers are the lowest
Bill & Ted bogus
who lack in rap & a potent dosage of dopeness/
while we are the coldest don't ever try & hoe us
the baby powder pimp slap fast strike like a cobras/
on G.I. Joe soldiers become the globe holders
come clean off the top attacking your head & shoulders/
pro tree blowers gives the poetry motors
big beef MC's become poultry flow-ers/
creative cadence for the culture captivates
dispose of posers,
the black shed light for exposure/
you don't know a/Noah mic totter to bring
beast lines in 2's & 3's it's the flood over beats/-

Verse 3

we not to be confused or crossed with these other dudes
it's the 2nd coming of mics the 1st a prelude/
my mind travels through my arm to hand that holds the pen
from then it's a continuation/
like a foul violation
in the act of makin' raisin' stakes in conversation over instrumentation/
And 1
gotta re-think his occupation heart gets to racin' he gets lost in translation/
the ones that this finds will be in exact correlation
with Hip Hop manifestation a festation/
so break out from the typical still
our offerings are minimal
compared to the bigger picture visuals/
fuck that
turn wack thug rap to crash dummy
& flip you the bird man & not the one from cash money/
Ill that's Ill still so real
I'm Ice Cube in Grand Theft nigga I kill at will/wheel/-
Track Name: The Happenin'
Verse 1

Keepin' my head above water, makin' a way when I
last a day & celebrate a minute past midnight/
brace yourself, no orthodontist
tomorrow's not promised
that line 'bout as shockin' as the Amish/
don't hold it against me, I go where the beat leads
& try to stay between where the kick & the snare greets/
it gives direction, the over tones full of grief
sounds like hard work on it's way to eternal sleep/
I mean, the last few albums was wrote in the recession
& it became a part of life in the reflection/
& in essence
here it is at the end of my pen again yo how refreshin'/


It seems we can't stop the happenin' now
what's happenin' now
what was happenin' then
will be happenin' again

Verse 2

The crime wave in the D, probably poverty obviously
media said worse in the country/
elect politicians, with bad intentions
don't say enough about the city that we love to mention/
& uphold we look for hope in sports teams
to redeem some of it's gleam
music scene car seen with a shine sheen/
from the big 3
wanting a smooth ride but there's holes in the streets/
and they match the holes in my jeans
under work under paid seems to be a re-occurring theme/
that buck that bought the bottle coulda struck
got me more drunk quicker takin' bigger swollow/
I say the sky is colorless, they say it's grey
50 shades then it fades to black haze/-


It seems we can't stop the happenin' now
what's happenin' now
what was happenin' then
will be happenin' again
Track Name: Can You...?

Can You Dig it!?!


In a fight for his life in the dark streets of night
when freaks litter the city with plenty motives to strike/
he needed cash fast and hit the ATM
them came across another who was just as desperate as him/
trapped him in a corner alley and said ya money or ya life
just then a reflection of the steel from his knife/
he couldn't let it go since it wasn't his doe
he was in another death debt with someone he owed/
cellular phone rang which caused a distraction
a couple words off before the robber got to slashin'/
on the ground scrappin' shit happened so quick
blade came between 'em and the robber fell on it/
dude panics threw the body in the trunk
called his connect blood sweat thump his heart pump/
said I Cypress Hilled a man & I need to get rid of it
I need a hole to bury 'em quick & I was wondering...


Can You Dig It?

Verse 2

Wheeler the drug dealer coat dope lined interior
who'd cut bacon off your back if you a pig squealer/
who then was layin' low since the go from his P.O.
said if he violent again a small stint of 2 to 4/
rang in his head like a phone un-answered
still has the need for greed to see c-notes get transferred/
thinkin' that
he called a client heard his voice on the other end
said you're being robbed and thought that meant him/
dropped the phone loss of words coughed the erb
loaded the mossburg & kept his eye on the curb/
a half hour passed, an unfamiliar car passed
door slammed headed to his house a man ran fast/
one word wait!
then gun blast his mouth dropped too bad
he already blew off half his ass/
saw he had a missed call peeped the voice mail & planned for a minute
the last words he heard from his man was.....